Lack of Afro (feat. Wax & Herbal T) – Back In Business

Our favorite multi-instrumentalist and big drum beater Adam Gibbons aka Lack of Afro is back before the holidays and he’s bringing the uber-talented Wax & Herbal T with him on his EP “Back In Business”. Five tracks of tight production and catchy rhymes (plus some great sample flips) that might have flown under the radar as 2017 slips by. Lack of Afro is a powerhouse musician/ composer/ producer in his own right, crushing original compositions and producing interesting projects that we have had our ears on for quite some time. The twin brothers Wax & Herbal T released their breakthrough joint Grizzly Season in 2006 and got much attention on YouTube and various other social media platforms. They all linked up after LOA saw them freestyling over his bang up cover of Arctic Monkeys “When The Sun Goes Down” and got them on a bunch of projects, including the heavily licensed “P.A.R.T.Y.” track. So when we heard they all linked up once more for this EP, we were excited. The collaboration, of course, does not disappoint. This combo work quite well together, with Gibbons production and their word play fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle. The title track “Back In Business” sets the tone for the record for sure. Filled with funk and a catchy chorus, this project is announced via this track in a big way. They should make a hat that says: “Make Hip Hop 110 BPM Again”. A spot on start to the EP. “Take It Up A Notch” utilizes a familiar sample to elevate the party where ever it is. A deep bass line that will have you moving all night on the dance floor is not the only thing that rocks. Wax & Herbal T control the mic like bosses. Next up is “Ride”, a mid tempo jawn that literally rides through your ears like a vintage Cadillac cruising the strip with the top down. It’s just as catchy as the title track, and while we are midway through the album, feel free to rewind it a few times, we did. “Balcony” is another party track that smooths it out so you can roll up some of your favorite herbals and enjoy the fruits of your labor. This one is funky as hell. Closing out the jam is “Cold Blooded”, what people would call a “big” record. Elevating the funk to the stratosphere, the twins rip the beat up like a strongman rips a phone book and Lack of Afro crafts another banger with a capital B. If this is your first foray into these lads, congrats. Recommended if you dig artists like The Allergies, Boca 45, and the like. Stream the record below, and with any luck it will turn up on vinyl at some point.

Get the album here.

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