Best of 2017: World Funky Jams

2017 gave us some really great world music. Whether it world beat, afrobeat, Ethio-jazz, and beyond, we’ve found the funk in many of these tracks that have graced the pages of Flea Market Funk. We have dubbed these tracks world funky jams, and here are ten tracks that were featured (in no particular order) on the site in 2017 that we feel were the best of the year. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Dig!

Toli & The Femm Nameless: See Line 10″
This was probably our number one world funky jam of the year. released in 2003, it finally gets its propers here in 2017. A cover of Nina Simone, this all female afrobeat crew straight murder this track people. And, it’s on a 10″ record. Get it on Kooyman Records while you can!

Addisababa Band: Rainbow War

Hailing from Denmark, this cosmic jazz, afrobeat, and funk outfit took us deep into space with their authentic sound out of Africa with the masses. It’s a band like this that flies a bit under the radar of the mainstream music coverage that we are thankful for. Don’t sleep on this Addisababa Band, they are ready for you to blast off with them.

Africali: The Struggle
This Left Coast afrobeat collective mixes jazz, funk, African sounds with a hip hop aesthetic to teach you about “The Struggle”. Fused with multiculturalism, this record on the Tokyo Dawn record label was a definite highlight on the site this year. It’s great to hear music like this made in 2017. A bit of the old, a bit of the new, and a bit of the future.

Kill Emil: O’Jogo b/w Tambo
Athens, Greece by way of Brazil producer Kill Emil has released one of the hit sleepers in this genre for 2017. The A-Side is on the afrobeat tip, whuile the B-side focuses more on a tropical/ latin vibe. Bothe sides hit hard. Look out for more from this talented chap.

Vibration Black Finger: Get Up And Do It
This 12″ is a late night delight. It’s a record that fuels the ‘break a dawn’ mentality, with insane saxophone and a drum beat that would make Clyde Stubblefield proud, the band mixes post punk, funk, spiritual jazz, and more on this record to keep the party going until the sun comes up.

Sabor Y Control: Sicario
Names You Can Trust once again prove that they have the finger on the pulse of world music in many regions. This time they have taken the classic band Sabor y Control and given them their first international vinyl release. Two salsa bombas that will not have people standing still. Viva NYC Trust!

Alemayehu Eshete: Alteleyeshegnem
Jump into a man who’s regarded as the ‘Golden Voice of Ethiopia’. Backed and reinterpreted by the Philophon house band, this release was another one of our favorites in 2017. If you have not gotten into Ethio-jazz, then by all means, we hope this track will encourage you to dig deeper.

Colonel Faat: Balantinje
This Agogo release had us dreaming of sunny shores, tropical drinks, and good food you ate with your hands while a track like this plays in the background. A frequent track on our Funky Records On The Roof party, Colonel Faat danced right into our ears and heart with this super positive side from mid year.

Amir Bresler: Afro Golden Line
We fell absolutely head over heels for this track from drummer Amir Bresler. It’s heavy on the African Highlife with a nu-jazz twist and it’s lovely. Seriously. This is just a perfect track in our opinion. Listen for yourself and let us know.

Blay Ambolley: Afrika Yie
The thirtieth release from this African Highlife legend Blay Ambolley has come a long way from teaching himself to play instruments in Ghana. He is still as conscious with this track as he was in the very beginning. A great starting point to then move backwards from if you are not familiar with this king.

Come on, you know we couldn’t do just ten!

The Bombillas: Tortuga
This nugget coming out of F-Spot Records with a lot of latin flavor, much saxophone and a back beat to die for was a track we got surprised with in 2017. Some afro flavor for good measure didn’t hurt either. A great side coming out of a West Coast label that could.

Dig Deeper!

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