Best of 2017: The Beats

It’s been a great year for The Beats. We’re not talking about Kerouac, Ginsberg, or Burroughs, either. Although we don’t mind talking about them, but just at another time. 2017 had some great original projects that were all about the beat. Now it could be straight up hip hop, instrumental hip hop, cinematic beats, funky soul reworkings of classic tracks, or our favorite: the B-Boy relick. What all these records had in common was one thing: a great beat. Here are ten of our favorite beat oriented projects that were featured on Flea Market Funk in 2017. Enjoy!

Djar One: You Set My Soul On Fire
Djar one has definitely situated himself as one hell of a producer, and if there are any doubts, just have a listen to this original composition/ reworking of some party rockers that showcase this very talented producer’s wares. This is one record that should be in the box as it guarantees to get the party rocked. Well done Djar One.

NOLA Breaks Vol. 5
Professor Short Hair comes correct once again with volume five of the NOLA Breaks series on Superjock records. He does a bang up job reworking Betty Harris’ “Mean Man”, while one of our favorite UK teams The Allergies takes a Robert Parker track to the next level: party rocking breaks. A great combination of the old and the new on both sides.

Souleance: Bamboule EP
France’s Fulgeance & DJ Soulist aka Souleance have been making dope music for a long time. The duo put together a five song EP that runs the gamut from afro beat to straight up NYC hip hop to silky smooth and dance floor fillers. These beats are tender and tough, and we liked them all.

Son of Sam feat. Soundsci: Put It On Ya
Son of Sam came rambling through like the L train (without any delays) in 2017 when they linked up with Soundsci for this melding of hip hop and rock beats and tough spitting. As Oxygen says: “I’m buck whylin’ son!” This is a head nodder and it’s the beat that pulls you in and finished you off with the rhymes between Son of Sam and the Soundsci crew. They get it live on this one.

BocaWoody: Freeze b/w Rockin’ Ya Block
When World Champion Turntablist and innovator DJ Woody linked up with the mighty Boca 45, this duo turned a lot of heads. Coming from a mature, B-Boy mindset, these two offer beats that will cause you to up rock, windmill, and want to battle your mum in the kitchen on the linoleum. The flip is remixed by The Allergies, who again, are all over in 2017. Look for them again on this list because they can’t stop, won’t stop.

Aver: Die Berlin Dateien
This instrumental hip hop/ beat collage album from The Natural Curriculum’s Aver is one that may have flown under your radar in the ’17. This abstract record recorded while Aver was living in Germany takes us back to a time when DJ Cam, DJ Krush, and DJ Shadow were destroying and deconstructing beats from dusk ’til dawn and then some. Solid effort by Aver right here.

K-def feat. The Artifacts: Left In The Dust
We were taken back to a time when you were wearing carhart Duck jackets, your backpack hung low, and if you scuffed your Tims you just gave them to one of the young bucks who were in your crew. New Jeruz in the house as mastermind K-Def brings out The Artifacts, recycles some of their samples and creates a new aural vision that would make Redman jump up and scream “Blaaaaaaw”. Pay attention to this beat.

Mothership Connection: Salute
Straight raw production and rhymes via Manchester producer Mankub and Mothership Connection on “Salute”. “Stop blink and miss” the track says. That’s exactly what you might do if you do not pay attention. It’s all about the beat on this one people. A slow rolled spliff rolled in hash taking you on a trip to Morocco and beyond. This one gets a huge Salute! from FMF in 2017.

Mako & Mr. Bristow; Soul Stank Edits Vol. 3
Continuing their absolute demolition and then rebuilding of soul tracks, Mako & Mr. Bristow relick some Southern soul tracks and have you jumping for joy. It’s funky soul edits that pull you in close, give you a kiss, then send you on your way feeling like a million bucks. These are feel good beats and if the drums don’t get you, the vocals will. Well done chaps.

Aeon Seven: Seven Breaks
45 Live, a world wide all 45 crew that features some illustrious seven inch slangers, put this release out by Aeon Seven. Heavy on the B-Boy vibe, it’s got elements of hip hop, funk, and an organ that just doesn’t stop! File this under B-Boy bonanza. This is one to get the moving until you cut the music off and they have to stop. Definite winner here.

We just couldn’t do ten, so here are some more!

Dusty Donuts 011 feat. Jim Sharp
This record got a lot of pins in 2017. Not just by us here, but by DJs around the world. Dusty Donuts crew know how to put together tracks, remix, rework, and relick classics to make them relevant once again. “Rising To The Top” is just plain dope with an uppercase D. Well done Dusty Donuts crew. Keep these edits coming!

The Allergies feat. Andy Cooper: Love That I’m In
The UK duo The Allergies get their funk, soul, hip hop, disco groove on with this dance floor killer as fast rapper Andy Cooper does his word play to the fullest. This one got a lot of spins in the ’17. Looking forward to hearing what they have cooking in the ’18.

Hector Plimmer: Sunshine
We fell in love with this Albert’s Favourite artist from the very first time we heard the record. If you have not listened to Hector’s brand of soulful and ambient beats, then take a stroll through next to the Thames, put your headphones on and get lost. Top notch.

Honorable Mention:
Abstract Orchestra: Dilla
D.Begun: Nasimoto
Andy Cooper: Here Comes Another One
Rift Valley: Rift Valley

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