Best of 2017: The Soul

There is so much soul out there today. From sweet to funky to latin tinged and beyond. Modern soul that will make you dance, brown eyed soul that’s been making people feel emotional for four decades and beyond. Here are ten records (in no particular order), that we featured on the site this year that were full of soul. These records moved us, grooved us, and kept us going throughout 2017. It was emotional people. Here’s the Best of Soul on Flea market Funk from 2017. Enjoy!

Jonny Benavidez and Cold Diamond & Mink: Tell Me That You Love Me
Well, if you haven’t got your ears wrapped on this heavy piece of soul that leans toward the low rider tip by crooner Jonny Benavidaz with Cold Diamond & Mink, then you are seriously missing out. Some of the sweetest as honey lyrics and vocals we have heard all year. This is what soul music is all about.

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings: Matter of TimeTaken from the final record from Sharon Jones and recorded before her death, “Matter of Time” is truly bittersweet. On of her best tracks ever in our humble opinion, she is just fantastic on this side. we are going to mis her, but if we had to listen to her last record, then cot damn this is what we wanted to hear. Rest in Peace Queen.

New Stolen Hearts: I Need To Repair My Heart
One of the best positive soul tracks we have heard this year, “I Need To Repair My Heart” from New Stolen Hearts out of Japan is as uplifting as a soul track can be in this tumultuous year that was 2017. The beautiful horn work and positive feeling you get from this track are what really grabbed us. It’s a heart breaker but we can’t stop listening to it. Flip it over, because if your heart needs more uplifting it’s right there. Soul that makes you feel good. We’re thankful to have found this one.

The Flying Stars of Brooklyn: My God Has A Telephone
Holy shit, can a gospel soul track get any better? I mean, seriously, this track blew us away, and once again it is on Colemine Records. They have all the bases covered with this track. Durand Jones & The Indications’ own Aaron Frazer has a bonafide soul classic right here. Mark our word. Sweetness and God are a winning combination in our book. Looking forward to hearing more from this fellow’s project.

Diamond Street Rhythm Machine: Living In Harmony
This one was a definite sleeper in the ’17. It snuck into our mailbox and then slowly crept into our ears and heart shortly there after. Diamond Street Rhythm Machine give off this serious Curtis Mayfield vibe that we are really feeling. It’s good on so many levels, we couldn’t let this one slip by. Their music experience gets even better when you flip the record over, because the instrumental is just as dope.

Bardo Martinez and the Soul Investigators: Bad Education
Chicano Batman lead vocalist Bardo Martinez offers up a deep latin soul record in “Bad Education”. Throwing us all back to the late ’60’s in NYC with the vibe, the music (that flute!) and that falsetto that carries the track over the finish line once again, this one teaches us history and entertains. Pay close attention to the lyrics. if you’re just not careful, you might learn something. Grade A soul right here out of the Timmion records camp once again.

Gizelle Smith feat. Eric Boss: Stay
If you are not up to date on Gizelle Smith, Jalapeno Records, or Eric Boss for that matter, then you need to get up to speed on these matters. japaeno has been releasing some kick ass funk, soul, breaks, and other pertinent records for years. Gizelle Smith is a soul siren who can make you cry, laugh, or both at the same time. Eric Boss, like his name, is a don when it comes to soul music. All three together are what soul music is all about. FYI, eric’s not done on this list either.

Eric Boss: Closer To The Spirit
Speaking of Eric Boss, this seven he put out on Mocambo in 2017 is some upbeat soul we all need in out life. Following in the footsteps of the Godfather of Soul, he knows the soul recipe and he’s cooking with it all over the world. This track is s funky soul on lock down. Bet.

Sunny & The Sunliners: Should I Take You Home
Big Crown records have been exploring some dynamite bands and sides since they broke out of the Truth & Soul mold a few years ago. When they hooked up with Mr. Brown Eyed Soul himself, Sunny Ozuna, they brought his music to a whole new audience of soul lovers. This record, as most of his are, is solid all the way through. We are thankful for Big Crown hooking up with this very special artist. Solid, solid stuff.

Camellia Hartman & The Soulful Saints: Breathin’ Hard Over You
This record came out of left field, with Camellia Hartman stealing our heart with this Motown-esqe track. Her vocals bring you back people, and the Soulful Saints just handle soul business with the backing track. We are not fooling with this one. It’s a killer track through and through.

One bonus joint:

Colonel Red: Wireless Soldierz

Tokyo Dawn’s Colonel Red throws us some neo-soul and gives us his best Sly meets D’angelo on Wireless Soldierz. This one def flew under the radar in 2017, but we covered it and we think it’s most definitely a project for you to get into.

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One response to “Best of 2017: The Soul

  1. Fabulous list! I love the Eric Boss song — easily one of the best Funk songs of the year! I hope he releases a whole album like this next year…

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