Fresh Hats Tight Beats – The Thread

Starting off 2018 strong, we have a brand new ful length from Denver, Colorado’s Fresh Hats Tight Beats. Coming off the applauded So Many Things released in 2017, the band sprung into action and rallied at the loss of their comrade and band mate Matt Nigro to put together and even longer full length than their previous output. The Thread , entirely dedicated to Matt, got together with his friends to celebrate his life through music. While So Many Things explored sounds akin to artists like DJ Shadow, RJD2, and instrumental Beastie Boys records, this new release is more beat oriented, narrowing in on Nigro’s “carefree positive energy through the music”. Featuring a myriad of live instrumentation with everything from Moroccan drums to synthesizers to horns, as well as organs, samplers, and the like, it’s a mixed bag of sounds that all work well together. So you’ve got a mix of electronica, funk, hip hop, and more, our kind of record. It’s an eclectic set of aural delights that you’ll dig as you spin the record more and more. The troops really rallied behind their friend to put out a fresh sound here in 2018. The first single from the album, “Ghost Dance”, is a slow burner that hand claps its way right to you heart. Filled with choppy synths and a beat that will have your neck snapping at first, then going into an all out frenzy, is solid. We can only imagine their friend and band mate Matt would have wanted it this way. The music itself is a powerful and fitting tribute to a creative soul. All proceeds from the record will go directly to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, so it’s going to a good cause. Listen to the single, as well as streaming the entire record below. Well done once again and a fitting tribute to a fallen soldier of this music game.

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