Shake! Brooklyn Top 45s


In 2016, Monk One and I started a party in Brooklyn at Friends and Lovers every third Saturday of the month called Shake! Our intention was to create a party where we could play funk records on 45 RPM. We wanted to challenge ourselves and do an entire night on seven inch that was different than any of the other parties that were happening. The Shake! party has turned into something very special. From the very first night, people came out to dance. Even if they didn’t know the records, they got down. In the spirit of David Mancuso’s Loft parties, Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage sets, and veterans like Danny Krivit and Nicky Siano, we have crafted a night that explores deep funk, proto-disco, disco, boogie, house, early rap, and other NYC dance classics from start to finish. It’s a place where everyone is welcome. We get neighborhood kids and Brooklyn break dance crews (Floor Royalty Crew stand up!). We’ve had celebrities such as Shameless’s Jeremy Allen White dancing all night in a frenzy. Our one year anniversary had Grand Wizzard Theodore give us a block rocking set. The Sweater Funk Crew from San Francisco came and blew the doors off the place. DJ Suspect from France did a guest set that was one for the books (That Clarence Reid 45 had us all revisiting it back in our crates!). We’ve created a community of people who are all connected through the music and the dance floor. We’ve had some great emcees like G-Man (Rest In Peace brother) and EMSKEE bless the mic while we were DJing. In the true spirit of the party when there were technical difficulties, we threw records into the crowd, had people beat box to the beat on the mic (EMSKEE!) until we cued up a record (while no one noticed it skipping), handed out cupcakes to the crowd and spiked hot chocolate to the queue of people around the block that wait to come in. We made shirts with our tag line: “The Best Fuckin’ Sound Around”, and have big plans for 2018. We wanted to say a huge thank you to each and everyone that has come through the doors, danced with us, blessed the turntables, rocked with us, and most definitely gave us support on a night that is very near and dear to our hearts. Here are a bunch of records that got a lot of spins since we opened the doors at Shake! Enjoy.

DJ Prestige Picks

Monk One’s Picks

Three more!

79.5: Terrorize My Heart
Limon Trailer: Love Don’t Pay The Bills
Donatinho: Lei Do Amor


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Come join us every third Saturday at Friends in Lovers in Brooklyn from 10pm-4am for Shake! A 45 RPM Party You Can Move To.

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