Black Market Brass – War Room

We are always excited when another round of Colemine Records 45s come out because we know that they have been working hard getting tunes out that nobody else is. Well, here it is in early 2018 and we’ve got a band that we have written about before, who also had a fantastic full length and seven out on Secret Stash a few years ago, now putting out a release with Colemine. The Minneapolis outfit Black Market Brass is back with a stellar double sided seven in “War Room” b/w “Into The Thick”. This ten piece juggernaut of afrobeat and afro funk/ soul has been burning down turntables and scorching stages for quite some time. It’s great to see them link with the Midwest power house that is Colemine. “War Room” gets super deep into the African sound, and with much polyrthymic percussions, horns for days, bass in your face, and everything else you’d expect in an African record from that certain period, it’s a nonstop movement that once again will put their names in the mouths of new listeners and records into the boxes of DJs world wide. Their original music is truly authentic, funky, dance floor afrobeat goodness at its best. We stated that years ago when their 45 was out, and we stand by it today. Black Market Brass are a force and a way of life. Whether it’s their own compositions with sounds and nods to the forefathers of African music, or their classic 1970’s West African sound they are so qualified to bring to audiences, there is one thing clear. BMB are the real deal. This collaboration with Colemine is next level. Available February 2nd, you better not sleep on this fire.

Pre-order the record here.

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