Magic In Threes – Finnish Funk

2018 is starting off pretty damn good record wise, with Nashville, Tennessee’s Magic In Threes dropping another forty five in their quiver of funky arrows. You see, this band has been plugging at it for sometime with much success. A side project for themuch applauded DeRobert & The Half Truths, Magic In Threes has been releasing greasy funk and other gritty filled sounds since 2010. Sometimes venturing into a cinematic/ psych funk, we have been happy to have found them through their affiliation with The Half Truths. This latest effort on King Underground is a double side of heat. The A-Side, “Finnish Funk” is a trip down the rabbit hole. Combining heavy funk with some soundtrack soundscapes and greasy listening, Magic In Threes takes you on a late night mission that isn’t impossible at all. If you are familiar with their previous releases, then you will definitely be pleased with this record. It even has, to us, a slightly Middle eastern flair at times, which just adds to their recipe of funkiness. But of course, they are not done. The flip, ‘Shot Through The Grease”, is some early ’70’s CTI-esqe shizz, that while on the mellow tip, still has that edgy funk thing going on. Almost like an obscure sample that Dilla resurrected, the B-Side is definitely tough as well. It’s got that ‘90% Of Me Is You” spirit flowing throughout, and if you are familiar with that classic jam, you will know that they are in good company with a vibe like this. As usual, drums are on point, and they keyboard word is superb. Another keeper. This is a band that lives just below the surface, so if you don’t dig further, you’d be stuck with boring music all day. Magic In Threes are not boring at all. Constantly pushing and creating bangers, you’d be hard pressed to find a better funk tune to start of the year with. Limited edition of 300. Check out the record below:

Order the record out today, January 9th, here.

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