Bobby Jones – Welcome Back A Foolish Man

If you are a soul music collector, then you are no doubt familiar with this banger of a record from Bobby Jones. Originally released on the Kack label in 1970, it’s one that has definitely not crossed our paths out in the field at all. But lucky for us (and you) Rocafort Records has reissued this heat seeking soul seven for your listening and dancing pleasure. A raw, two stepper filled with heartache, beautiful strings, and punchy drums, Jones puts the S in soul in a big way on the A-Side “Welcome Back A Foolish Man”. It’s got those Sugar Billy Garner drums in the beginning, so from start to finish, near soul perfection. Don’t even let us get started on the strings. The flip, “Lovin’ Hard, Livin’ Good” (come on, with a title like that it can not be bad!) is just as good, belted out by an under appreciated blues and soul singer, you will no doubt dig this piece in your box. Both of these tunes were previously sung by the great Ruby Andrews on a different label. They were composed different and had different lyrics, so for Jones to give them a go and kill both tracks is a testament to what a talented artist he was. Both of these tunes were written and produced by the great Maurice Lee Simpkins, and if that doesn’t add the spice to the stew, then we don’t know what to say. Check out both of these tracks below:

Get the record here.

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