Space Garage – Space Garage

Rounding out the week as we jam into the weekend is a record coming out of Naples, Italy on the Periodica Records label. Aptly titled “Space Garage”, it was conceived spontaneously one hot summer’s night by Mystic Jungle and Rico Milord in the West Hill Studios. A lo-fi seven inch at its best, this track is chock full of analog goodness highlighted by cheap drums, a deep bass line, far out guitar, an FM synthesizer, and some vintage space echo. A sleazy, late night grinder, this record would be for sure best in a deep, dark basement party, grinding optional. It’s a dubbed out trip through the stars with your captains Space Garage leading the way. You don’t even need to know the way, just trust them, they know what they are doing. The flip, “Eclipse Version” definitely continues on where the A stopped. It’s an eerie, outer regions journey. Dark, with much echo and a dirty, low end vibe to it, this could be a sound to a trip you’d experience on Hamilton’s Pharacopeia. It’s out there, but we hear nods to the dub masters, dark days of disco, and more. If you like your forty fives dank and spacey, with beats that drive you to the edge of terror, then this slice of Italy is what you need in the record box. These chaps have been making some great records, and we are looking forward to hearing the Mystic Jungle solo record coming out in the upcoming months. Stream the 45 below:

Get the record here.

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