DD013 feat. Naughty NMX & Marc Hype

Do the Dusty Donuts crew ever sleep? We are beginning to think not. Besides the plethora of gigs and production they all do, they still have time to put together some of the best edits around. By taking classic sides and reworking them for more dance floor impact, they have proven that Dusty Donuts is a force to be reckoned with world wide. The A-Side, “Flamboyant Move” is a fitting nod to one of the best rappers ever, a classic track he did as well as the original sample (James Gilstrap’s “Move Me” which is a tough track on its own btw). If Big L were still alive, we think he’d approve of this track for sure. The B-side is a reworking of “I Don’t Understand” is a massive flip of The Sister Sledge’s “Easier To Love”, moved up to a nice dance tempo, with, of course the patented Dusty Donuts production treatment. You’ll be dropping the needle over and over on this updated and supercharged edit. We were torn on which was the better track, but as we keep listening to this gem, we have decided they are both hot tracks. So get on the subway and take a trip from Uptown to BK with this new joint from the Dusty Donuts crew. Marc Hype & Naughty NMX reflip these classics in such a tasteful and dope way, your audience will love it. Listen to both tracks below.

This drops at the end of February so keep it fresh and your head and do not sleep!

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