Jimmy Bennett & The Family – Hold That Groove b/w Falling In And Out Of Love

We embrace all kinds of release here at Flea Market Funk. Whether it is the OG or a reissue, it’s all about the music, right? It always has been, and some records you can’t spend your kid’s college fund on. That being said, we were happy to see this record out on a seven inch again. Originally on the Strata Sphere label in 1985, it had also previously been re-edited and then put out by Peoples Potential Unlimited Records in 2009 on a compilation called District Maryland Virginia: Compilation Of The Rarest Synth Funk Go Go Boogie 1983-1985. So when newcomers Fantasy Love decided to get it back on a 45 in 2018, we had to pass it along. This label has come forward to deliver “quality in demand soul & funk grooves from the golden period of boogieback ’80’s”. And deliver they have. They chose Jimmy Bennett’s “Hold That Groove” b/w “Falling In And Out Of Love”, a rare DelMarVa release to get your mouth watering and your record box heated up. The A side, “Hold That Groove” keeps it in the pocket with a slow burn of deep bass lines, synth stabs, and horns that are amazing. This one is a late night charmer for sure. The flip, “Falling In And Out Of Love” is a spacey love tale that again is chock full of synthesizer, bass, and falsetto goodness that will groove until the dawn breaks. It’s a rare one, and great to see on a donut. We are looking forward to more releases from this reissue label that is curated by record collector James Pogson and graphic artist Leolyxxx, both who love soulful music at the highest level. Keep them coming you two. Check out the tracks below:

Get the record here.

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