Grimez – Mental Slave

We’re always excited when we hear from FMF family Grimez, because it means he has finally put together another project on Chiefdom Records. And as usual, the project is dope. Mental Slave, is another instrumental banger that leans to the side of B-Movies, cinematic soundtracks, movies scores, and library music, among other sounds. This collection of tracks would make Quentin Tarantino blush. We dissected the whole record track by track and break down the genius that is Mental Slave.

Opening up is “Noble Caste”, a drum filled psych out that sets the tone for the record, a soundtrack to a spooky spaghetti western that has yet to be made. “Servant of God” has an El Michels vibe to it, and perhaps the backdrop for a rapper to spit over at some point. It’s rough and smooth at the same time, but all we know is that the horn section is infectious. Going all analog for these recordings, it’s fitting that a track like “Analog Addict” would stick out. This jazzy horn riff and steady drums really defines what Grimez can do. It’s funky too, so don’t get it twisted, this talented Midwest musician is right on point. “Divine Union” touches on mid ’70’s European synthy jazz from start to finish, while “False Martyrdom” picks right back up where it left off and moves into B-Movie horror movie territory. The organ goodness of “Decoding the Mystery” is just too tough. A mid ’60’s bouncer that focuses on the Hammond ventures into funky soul jazz territory. If you have been reading this site, you know we have a sweet spot for those kinds of sounds. “Dirt Floor” grabs the best of a funky reggae track and rolls it up with some library music. Another winner. The last two that finish off the record, “Sacred Manifestation” (deep, cinematic soundscapes) and “Pink Noise” (science fiction soundtrack funk) again showcase the talents of this multi-instrumentalist and composer. This record is available now, so if you are into an all instrumental record that touches on the genres we’ve mentioned, this is for you. It’s got a really raw feeling to it, an analog dream of vintage instruments and tape machines, late night smoked out sessions and good vibes. Stream the record below and purchase the Lp from the link after that. You need some Grimez in your life.

Get the record here.

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