Computa Games – Rockcreek (Revenge)

After I heard the first couple of notes from this new record by Computa Games, I was instantly taken back to my freshmen year in high school when my family lived in a house that had a dance studio connected to it that we could go in any time. I organized a break dancing hang out with all the B-Boys that I knew of (all 3 of them) and we played the boom box, spun on cardboard, and tried not to rip our parachute pants from Chess King. I wasn’t a great B-Boy, but at least one of them went on to become a pretty kick ass drummer and surfer (a story for much later). But I digress, this new release on Superjock Records is everything you want in an upbeat, funky record to get the dance moving. Following the applauded “Computer Rock”, they let the poppers pop and the breakers break on this release because both sides are a Linn drum machine wet dream. Side A is “Rockcreek (Revenge)”, is rock rocking it and no stopping it for sure. This is a fitting tribute and a belter of a B-Boy record, so prepare yourself. The flip, “Apache 3000” is a bouillabaisse of B-Boy sounds, samples, vocals, and most of all the classic beat to get everyone moving. You will have to give a listen to both sides of this banger and then listen again, because the record is most definitely an ear worm that will not let you forget it. This one is limited to low quantities, so lace up your Puma Clydes with the fat laces and go. Stream the record below and then order from the following link. Somebody say “Ho!”

Get the record here.

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