PREMIERE: Damu The Fudgemunk & Flex Mathews – Burners EP

Pre Pre Pre Premiere, Premiere alert! Today we have another Damu The Fudgemunk project, and this time it’s an EP with long time collaborator Flex Mathews. Burners EP is an Amuse-bouche of the upcoming full length Vibrations & Dreams that is dropping in two months. Fans of Damu will remember Flex Mathews, not just from his latest solo record Hi, I’m Flex Mathews, but from early Damu projects like Live From Wonka Beats and The Handsome Grandson. These two fit together like jigsaw pieces from a puzzle, and complement each other nicely. Clocking in at over 35 minutes, the EP is two tracks and two instrumentals, “Burners” and “The Answer Is Yes”. “Burners” features two emcees that have been dominant on the mic and wax in their own right, Blu (of Blu & Exile fame), and Insight from Y Society. This is the real hip hop in the year 2018 people. No wacked out cough syrup beats, no brand name checks, no Seinfeld puffy shirts. Just PURE fire beats, tight grooves, dope rhymes, atmospheric soundscapes, and a posse cut that is over ten minutes long featuring extended DJ solos. You got that? Fitting it is called burners, because this is something extremely flammable for your turntable. If you are not paying attention to Damu’s career, or the quality of his work, you need to catch up. The second track, “The Answer Is Yes” combines the best of the East and the West with a call and response track that mixes many styles: from East Coast Flavor to West Coast G-Funk, go-go, jazz, and more. Flex is joined on the mic by Damu himself, and the dynamic duo get ill from start to finish. Full instrumentals are included as well on the EP. A true inspiration to live a good life and be positive to. Damu has consistently released records that are just that, a positive inspiration to many. He’s proof that you can build the life you want through hard work and perseverance. He has mastered his craft, stayed in his lane, and become one of the most notable figures in our current hip hop climate. So all you producers out there, take your notes from Damu and Redefinition Records, because it’s a lesson in success. This EP is just another example. Stream the record below and order the digital/ streaming right now. The vinyl drops March 9th, and the full length will be available late March, early April. Look for that premiere here on FMF.

Get the digital here.

Pre-order the vinyl here.

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