Jason Joshua & The Beholders – Rose Gold

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t waiting for more heat to come out of the Mango Hill camp. After Scone Cash Players smashed it last year with their forty five, we have another superb slice of soul from Jason Joshua and The Beholders. The Miami/ NYC connection is in full effect, and “Rose Gold” is that song. Clean up the whip, wash it, wax it, put the top down, pop the cassette of this track in and go. This is slow rolling latin soul. music to cruise to , music to hang with your lady to, and most of all, music that is real. With another all star cast of players, Jason Joshua’s voice makes a grown man cry it’s so sweet. Featuring Adam Scone (of Scone Cash Players) on organ, you’re listening to a track that will be revisited in years to come by the next generation of soul lovers who say “DAAAAAAMN!” when the needle is dropped. A future classic, and you heard it here first. The record was mastered by Guru Alex Abrash, who has worked with notables like Sunny & The Sunliners, Fania All Stars, and Lee Fields among others, so you know it was done right. We are most definitely digging the output of quality soul from a label like Mango Hill, as they firmly embrace the elders before them, pay respect through the music, and introduce their sound to a whole new audience of soul champions. It’s Miami’s tropical feel and NYC’s Latin soul recipe that equals one delicious forty five. Keep rollin’ on Mango Hill, we are digging what we are hearing.

Check out the official video for “Rose Gold” below:

Pre-order the record here, out 3/2.

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