The Herbaliser – Bring Out The Sound

What we love in a band is resiliency, and if you look up the word in the music history books, you’ll see The Herbaliser right there next to the word. With over 25 years of recording and touring, Ollie Teeba and Jake Wherry have done quite a bit in their career. Besides tearing down stages with the best of them and laying down a solid foundation of sound for ears around the globe, the UK’s best original live hip hop band are back again with another record to nod your head to. Their journey began in the early ’90’s, and they’ve evolved into a fine oiled hip hop machine, with new and old influences prevalent throughout their music. This new record, Bring Out The Sound , out officially on March 2nd on BBE Records, is their first since 2012’s There Were Seven. Of course it’s everything you’d expect. While never losing that hip hop/ B-Boy mindset, but giving you the live band feel of a cinematic orchestra, fans will be delighted once again. Did we mention the complete absence of sampling throughout the record? That’s when you know this crew means business. Teeba played drums while Wherry took guitar and bass parts. All live, with top notch playing and production. With hard hitting hip hop tracks such as “Like Shaft”, featuring Rodney P & 28Luchi and “Some Things” (also featuring Rodney P as well as Tiece) and an atmospheric vocal track such “Seize The Day” featuring Just Jack, you’re along for an interesting journey with the lads. This yin and yang of sounds is a perfect balance for the record. We reiterate, the production is on point. We are feeling the dark, heavy drums and synth track “Cyclops” (with on tight cuts), the close to the hip “Hearts Of Men”, and the jazzy “Tripwire” just as much as we can get into “Seize The Day” which features Just Jack (and streams below). This track takes it back on some acoustic trip hop vibe with beautiful strings and horns, a definite stand out on the record for sure. “Takedown”, the last track on the Lp just sums up everything we have always dug about The Hebaliser. It’s an uptempo B-Boy track, that would give any mid ’70’s up rocker a proper fight. It’s that combination of the history of the music, breaks and beats, live instrumentation, and dedication to the perfection of their craft that has always separated The Herbaliser from everyone else. Listen to three tracks from the record below and pre-order after the stream.

Pre-order the double LP here from BBE Records.

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