NEW MIX ALERT: Time’s Open Door

Jumping into a journey of the past and present, we bring you a new mix: Time’s Open Door: Vinyl Travels Past & Present. Don’t be afraid, open the door and feel the dubbed out, ambient and psychedelic grooves we are laying down from the home base of Greenville Studios. We are traveling from the US to Russia to the UK and all over the globe for the sounds that will take you on a time traveling journey and mind expansion. It’s a journey

“I myself believe that there will one day be time travel because when we find that something isn’t forbidden by the over-arching laws of physics we usually eventually find a technological way of doing it.”- David Deutch

filled with tracks from visionaries like The Herbaliser, Damu The Fudgemunk, Herbie Hancock, The Electric Prunes, and more. We’ve also gathered some interesting dialogue throughout, so sit back, put on your headphones, close your eyes, and open the door to your mind as well as the door to time and get out into places you’ve never traveled before. it’s all vinyl, and recorded live in one take (because you don’t get a second chance live). If you dig it, please feel free to pass it on to a friend. Thanks for listening.

Time’s Open Door Tracklist:

Intro: About To Embark On A Journey
Pearls Before Swine – Drop
Nomadic Warriors – Cultural Fusion
Damu The Fudge Munk – Wonka Beat 4
The Herbaliser – Tripwire
Electric Prunes – General Confessional III
OST Alexander Having Hooked Lenin – Must Hurry Up
Onkel Joe – Catch Up!
K Def – Supa Heath
Alla Pugacheva – Sonnet
Solid Pleasure feat. Snooky – Solid Pleasure
Don Lewis Experience – And They’ll Know
Estrada Orchestra – Pulsar Part 1
Herbie Hancock – Fat Mama
John Scott – Funkrund
Azymuth – Prelude
Outro: The Verdict

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