Banderas – Tema De Banderas

The stable of bands and necessary records gets bigger as another highly anticipated release from Matasuna Records is coming up. This time, it’s from Tokyo, Japan, and the combo known as Banderas. Commanded by piano player Kazuma Koseki and former Orquestra de la Luz member Dategen on the congas, Naohito ‘Temjin ‘Yomoda from Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro on the trumpet and Izpon, (Kingdom Afrorocks and collaborations with Tony Allen) on this Cuban injected, Latin obsessed double side of heat coming out on March 23rd. This looks to be one of the top latin records of the year so far. The A side, “Tema De Banderas” is that tune. So infectious, you will not be able to sit still, the whole sound is genuine. It’s a combination of latin influences that run deep and it shows through this track. Cuban, booglaoo, afro sounds, and more shine through from the instruments to your turntable right to your ears. There is so much more though, let’s not forget the B-side, “Banderas Mambo”, leads the charge with an authentic side that brings us back to ’60’s Havana meets the ’60’s Bronx who produced a love child that learned percussion, horns, and deep rhythms from the first day it was born. Wild and triumphant, this one is for the dancers and latin lovers out there. There is no reason why you shouldn’t play both of these sides in one night, they are that good. Don’t believe us? Check out the teaser video below:

Record available soon from their bandcamp page.

More info here.

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