Vic Ruggiero – Babylon Ain’t Yer Friend

Chicago reggae label Happy As A Lark is back to get your weekend started with a two sider that should wet your whistle pon the reggae tip right at this moment. The split seven features legendary Slackers front man Vic Ruggiero and the tougher than tough track “Babylon Ain’t Your Friend”. And if you thought that a track that is inspired by JA can’t have a harmonica on it, then think again. Vic rocks this unique track (also playing organ), beating on the walls of Babylon. Backed by the impeccable Drastics, this is definitely a tune that will get maximum spins from DJs the world over. Recorded in a short span of time while the Slackers were in Chicago (and in between tacos and beer), you’ll find no better professional than Vic who smashed this track. The flip, Wadadah II & Kazaya’s “Haile I”, rock it on the dee jay version, which we are a sucker for all day every day. This is something you can for sure give thanks to. Everything you can want in a dee jay track and more, we are excited to drop the needle on this again and again. And while we are at it, the King Tony dub is mountainous for real, don’t sleep on that either. HAAL continue to push the boundaries of reggae music from the middle of the country, broadcasting high atop of their mountain, carrying on the tradition and lifestyle of reggae music. They do it in such a complementary way, with such authenticity, people are going to look back years from now and realize that the lickle slice of JA in Chi-Town has made a huge impact and contribution to the big world of reggae music. Bless up!

Listen to the tracks below:

Get the record here.

FYI: $4 of each physical copy sold of this release will go to The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.

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