Saucy Lady – Magic Dust (U-Key & E. Live Remixes)

Not sure if there are many record labels out there that do what Star Creature Records does. They emit their Universal Vibrations loud and proud,and one star that shines bright in that universe is Saucy Lady. The label that has put this disco songstress out there is at it again with a new track “Magic Dust”. If it’s high energy dance floor vibes you’re looking for, this lady has them and so much more. Her contemporary sound, with nods to the hey day of disco and boogie are exactly what you need to shake off your troubles on the dance floor. This grinder is a late night power move, so if you thought the night is over, you are in for a surprise. The A gets the remix treatment and production from the on point Yuki Monolog Kanesaka, while the B gets another quality remix from one of our faves, E.Live. The U-key remix is high on the hand clap, deep bass line, sexy time tip. Chuck D. may have created rap music because he didn’t dig disco, but Saucy Lady lives and breathes the grooves and rhythms she creates. E. Live’s remix on the other side is a far out space jam, cosmic slide through the galaxy, putting his signature touches on the track. Both sides are dope and both effective in making people move. Listen to both sides below:

Get the record on Star Creature Universal Vibrations here.

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