Mukatsuku Presents First Time On A 45 Vol. 2

If you are looking for album cuts or rare records that haven’t made it on a 45, other than carving one yourself, you most likely will turn to Mukatsuku Records. Nik Weston and company have really been doing work over the years. They’ve given us countless records in various genres, so it’s no surprise they have chosen two necessary tracks on their volume two of First Time On A 45. First up is a peach of rare grooves, “Bump and Hustle Music” by Tommy Stewart from 1976. If there is any reason to get up and dance, it’s this record. If you’re not familiar, get familiar quick. The bass line alone is a masterpiece. But when the chorus, drums, flute, drums, and guitar are added in, it’s one serious side. The music definitely hits the groove on the first tune. Not ones to put a bad record out, Mukatsuku chose “Stella” from the band Bridge from 1981. This Boulder, Colorado fireball was originally reissued in 1999 by First Experience, but as the name says, it’s the first time it has made it to a seven. This jazz funk slow burner is that late night track to step to. While a lot of folks may prefer the Norman Connors version (which is dope as well), we will have to give it to Mukatsuku for this slower version. The track overall is really dope anyway you play it. Tomatoes/ Tom-ah-toes, what you have here today are two sides that get the job done. Listen to both tracks below and order the record after the stream. Limit one per customer via Juno.

Tommy Stewart “Bump and Hustle Music”

Bridge “Stella”

Get the record here.

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