New Mix Alert: Jazz All Day Long

We’ve been fascinated by jazz since we first heard Miles Davis in our teens, and like many of you know with music, it’s so easy to fall in love and down a rabbit hole of records buying, music obsession, discography completion, and all around fanatic of a genre like jazz. We were particularly struck by the Blue Note label, and for more than thirty years have been grabbing as much of the label and for that matter, of jazz music in general as we could. This mix before you today comes from part of a collection I bought over the last year from a woman in New Jersey. I saw her selling at a flea market, and when I checked out the quality of the records she had, I had to find out more. Her husband was involved in music some way and also was a music journalist at times. He had passed away and she wanted to get rid of the records that had been taking up space in her house, then her daughter’s house. She said “some damn Englishman” came through and swindled her for a good amount of the collection, which honestly made me feel really bad. I bought a dozen of the records from her that day and we exchanged info. Over th course of five or six months I made trips to buy from her. I ended up with a lot of really great, original jazz pressings on the Blue Note, Verve, Prestige, Mira,, and other assorted jazz and latin labels that were very hard to get (in that condition) and desirable to me. She told me a story about a lot of the records and the collection in general, and how she just wanted them to go to someone who’d appreciate them, and not use them as a commodity. So not only am I honored to have this man’s jazz collection (or what was left of it), I’m excited to have gotten these original pressings of some of jazz’s greatest releases (in our opinion) here at The Greenville Studios, and now on a mix for you. Jazz All Day Long, who’s cover pays tribute to the great Kenny Burrell (also featured on the mix), is for your ears all day long. Something you can play when you get up, mid day, after dinner, and of course before you go to sleep. It’s also something we say all the time: “I can listen to jazz all day long”. It’s true. While we work it’s mostly what we listen to while we write. We just wanted to share some of our daily favorites with you the Flea Market Funk family. So enjoy these twelve songs, some pops, some clicks, maybe a skip here and there. To us, that’s part of jazz music too, the little imperfections we grow to love. Enjoy.

Jazz All Day Long Track List

The Afro Blues Quintet Plus 1 – Discovery 3
Horace Silver Quintet Sextet – The Jody Grind
Don Patterson – Oleo
The Jazz Crusaders – Aqua Dulca
Lonnie Smith – Straight To The Point
Willie Bobo – Boogaloo In A Room
Cal Tjader – Get Out Of My Way
John Patton – Pig Foots
Joe Henderson – Home Stretch
George Braith – Evelyn Anita
Donald Byrd – Jelly Roll
Kenny Burrell – Chitlins Con Carne

Stream the mix below:

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