Soopasoul – If It Ain’t Funky Back It Up

If you’ve been around the Flea Market Funk camp for the last decade or so, you know we like our music funky. We like the old, we like the new, we like the new that sounds like the old. We love a sound that carries the torch from the elders and ushers in that sound (possibly with a twist of their own) to the next generation of funk and soul lovers. Enter Danny Bennett aka Soopasoul, who has a knack for laying down the funk hard. Since releasing his debut Twin Stix all that time ago, the man rarely does interviews or plays live. In return, he has steady been releasing explosive funk records that get dance floors moving and we mean moving. So clap your hands for what he’s doing…on tempo Jack. His latest, “If It Ain’t Funky Back It Up” is a party starter if we have ever heard one. Invigorating the spirits of the greats like the JB’s, The Meters, and more, this two part tune is as big as it gets. Keeping pace with a classics like “The Grunt” or “Funk Power”, this horn filled, catchy vocal track is destined to grab people by the ears and legs and get them sweating into a frenzy. What’s great, and of course intentional, is that the song is two parts. Holding up that tradition of the band keeping the groove and the party going, all one has to do is flip the record and voila!, instant party part two. With a reputation for making superb music and a cult following, Soopasoul shows no signs of stopping. Neither should you. These are important modern funk records for dancing. Dance floors across the world are excited. Check out both sides of this killer below:

Get the record here.

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