Mindswimmer – Elevation

What we have always dug about music as long as we have been listening, is the experimental aspect of it. Whether it was the free jazz we gradually were attracted to, or the ambient sounds of Eno or Aphex Twin, or the early trailblazing beats that came from DJ Shadow or DJ Cam, we’ve had a soft spot for breaking free from the norm. Enter Chicago’s mindswimmer. This future jazz tribe coming out of the Chi brings the listener to places known and unknown. A jazzy trip hop section transforms into some ambient noise, then powered by hip hop beats and the almighty jazz itself. Their latest release, “Elevation” on Stellar Nursery Records builds upon the foundation we just spoke of, but runs deep into classic electronic music like bands such as Kraftwerk and Neu!, exploring rolling sonic landscapes and spoken word, all while still nodding their heads to beats inspired by classic hip hop. The almost thirteen minute opus moves with ease through different genres. The song unknowingly even runs through noise like Chicago’s own Tortoise (Thrill Jockey Records) at some points. These experimental souls navigate around these sounds effortlessly and seamlessly, an aural dreamscape of different blends that come together as one. Chicago in the present day is really putting out some great music. mindswimmer is one of them. We are hoping a vinyl release is eminent.

Check out the track below:

More info about mindswimmer here.

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