J- Zone: Guerilla Drums

For those of you who haven’t been following J-Zone’s career, well you should be. One of the hardest working men in show biz and garnishing praise from everyone in the industry, it looks like his second career as a drummer and all that hard work is paying off. When not in the Du-Rites or The Zone Identity, or playing skins for the legendary Manzel, he can also be found doing his journalist gig for Red Bull Music Academy and his applauded Give The Drummer Some column. Interviewing some of the greatest and most sampled drummers of all time, the past few years have not only seen him flourish in the industry, but grow as a drummer as well. He previously released two break records, 2014’s Lunch Breaks and the follow up, 2015’s Backyard Breaks. He’s back for a third time with Guerilla Drums. Since his previous two efforts his drumming has really been on the rise, and with accolades given to him by people like Steve Arrington, Questlove, DJ Scratch and other high profile musicians, this new release sees his playing raise the bar. He’s more in demand than he has ever been, laying it down for everyone from The Alchemist to Dangermouse to Prince Paul and more. So in short, the dude is a machine. If drums are your thing, than J-Zone is your man. Twenty four drum breaks from the man himself. Listen to a sample below:

Get Guerilla Drums here.

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