Record Shop Spot Light: Beat Box Records

When we go out of town, of course some of the first places we go are record shops. While on the West Coast, we had the distinct pleasure of hitting up one of San Diego’s finest shops, Beat Box Records. Located in Barrio Logan, this art-centric area with deep Mexican American roots has a long history. Housing the world’s largest collection of chicano murals, a visit through the famous Chicano Park is definitely a must as well. The area is real deal SoCal chicano culture, and right in the middle of it is Beat Box. Owned by the super knowledgeable and down to earth Bernie Fishman aka DJ Inform, this three year old shop has both deep crates as well as a great atmosphere. Besides having a wide variety of not just digger specific records, the shop also specializes in that sweet low rider soul as well as many other genres.

With an eclectic array of decor that only someone who frequents swap meets, flea markets, and yard sales can accumulate, Beat Box is a neighborhood shop we wish was in our neighborhood too. We were able to pick up a grip of forty fives that came in from a collection that was from a DJ who kept the collection immaculate. Early 2000 big drum beaters and gritty funk mixed in with some sweet soul plus some dance floor heat kept us happy. And like his DJ name states, dude can inform you on some hot records he has in the shop. From psychedelic soul to rare L.A. hip hop and more, this is a shop you shouldn’t skip.

So if you find yourself in Southern California and want to experience the real deal, head over to Barrio Logan and check out Beat Box Records, a diamond in the rough of San Diego. There are also some real deal taco spots close by, so take advantage of the surroundings and get, in our opinion, the best tacos in the world. We were told to walk up two doors from Beat Box to Salud! and get grub, but opted for the more local spot La Fachada, a place we are told that is the best around. We were told right. The horchata was on point as well. Órale holmes!

Check out some more pics from the area:

Beat Box Records
2148 Logan Ave
San Diego, CA 92113

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