Kadena – Hung Up On My Baby

The essence of a good song is the hook. The essence of a good hip hop song is the sample. For those of you who grew up in the golden age watching MTV when videos mattered, obsessively taping Yo! MTV Raps on your VCR every day and then running out to try and get the records and original sampled records at your local record store, you are in for a treat today. I remember rewinding that damn “My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me” until the tape got grainy, especially the “This year Halloween fell on a weekend” part. I was obsessed. And back then, there was no youtube or Discogs to look it up. You either knew, or had an old head who knew pass the knowledge along. Or, you could stumble on a copy of Tough Guys randomly in the ’90’s and get all excited. When the Holy Book Of Hip Hop came out (look that up, producers were pissed!), you could then finally see what samples were used. Well, I was happy when I got both records, but that is neither here nor there. Today we are talking about Galaxy Sound Company. They have been putting out some very dope edits of tracks for the discerning ear and DJ. Their latest is the classic “Hung Up On My Baby” by the great Isaac Haye,s which is reworked by maestro Kadena. If you’re not familiar with Kadena, then you’ve never really moved your butt on the dance floor properly. We will be reviewing some more goodness from him very soon. But for now, you need to enjoy the multi-track extended version of a side that will always get people going, especially on this reworking. The re-lick is serious, and of course with two copies you can extend this bad boy even further. These records are always offered in smaller quantities and guess what? They go away fast with nary a repress. So if you don’t know, now ya know ninja. Have a listen to one of the dopest tracks out there today. Seriously, we are not kidding.

Get the record here.

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