Cultures Of Soul Subscription LP Series

In the never ending quest to bring rare and out of reach LPs to the people, Boston’s Cultures of Soul Records is starting a new subscription series for the long players that we wanted to spread the word about. What’s good about a series like this is that you can pick up really unique releases you may not have been aware of. We’ve seen other subscription services from Slice of Spice and the most recent from Ximeno really take off, so we are sure that this new COS endeavor will do just the same. Here’s a bit about the service. The subscriber will receive four, fully licensed by the original artist LPs over the course of twelve months for $85. Each comes with a digital download card as well as extensive liner notes in a thick stock custom jacket that are hand numbered. The shipping is discounted based on the location of the subscriber, and your final cost for all four of the LPs will be calculated when you check out. That’s pretty cool because you just pay once, no need to worry about shipping, and the Lps arrive to you. They have some great releases lined up for the service so far. The first record ships on June 29th. It’s We Want A Piece of the Pie by Septimus.

This slice of funky jazzed up R & B from Oklahoma is just one of the records you’ll be getting with this new series. Soulful, with hints of eighties boogie as well, and featuring a cover of the S.O.S. Band’s “Take Love Where You Find It”, this eight track scorcher didn’t quite make it back then, and has been unearthed and put number one in the queue of this new subscription service. They have also got the massive Boston area free jazz Thing LP from Arnold Cheatham lined up for the second release to drop in October 18. So if you’d like to get some new music that you weren’t aware of, open up your musical journey with Cultures of Soul. Tell them Flea Market Funk sent ya.

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