The Goods : Make Your Move EP

Today’s aural delights come courtesy of The Goods, an up and coming band from Sydney, Australia. Strapped in and deep in the Sydney music scene, they have recently joined forces with Brooklyn’s Bastard Jazz Recordings to get their musical word out internationally. Today, as the band keeps pushing on their debut record coming out later this year, they have the Make Your Move EP to introduce themselves and hold you over until the long player is ready to go. Originally breaking into the scen in ’16, founding members Badmandela and Rosario were applauded heavily on their first, self titled doubled EP by everyone from Vice to MTV, they also garnished much attention on the festival circuit, sharing spots with people like Oddisee and Onra among others. Now with a full time edition of their third member, vocalist Black Tree, they are looking to expand their ever delightful live shows and get the word out about just how bad ass The Goods are. Building on the first release, which spanned the gamut of hip hop, soul, trippy space funk, and lo-fi house, the Make Your Move EP has evolved further into higher tempo, soul vibrations. “Make You Move”, is a track that bumps, makes you move, and pushes that lo-fi house from before into another arena of nu-disco/ house adventures for the masses that love to shake their asses. Keeping the same tempo, “Glow” has a classic feel to it, muted drums and synths pumping below the vocals, which you just can’t escape. Sexy and sultry, The Goods are on to something here. With remaining tracks like the late night grind jam, “OPB”, “Faster”, ripe with broken drums and as close to R & B goodness as you can get, the trio leave you on a high note with the last track “Supposed To Be”. High energy on this cut, it’s a soulful goodbye that will hold you over until their full length is ready. These up and comers from Down Under will make a name for themselves, and we’re happy to be here to see it. Stream the EP below:

Buy the limited edition 12″ here.

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