Pratt & Moody w/ Cold Diamond & Mink – Words Words Words

Following up from their spectacular last 45 “Lost Lost Lost”, Pratt & Moody come correct once again with this slow burner called “Words Words Words”. This duo once again joins forces with Cold Diamond & Mink to give us another piece of slow rolling soul that belongs on the highest shelf possible. Whether you knew these two were modern day or not (some thought the last record was a dug up, forgotten record from way back), you have to give it up for how good this record really is. A beautiful piece of harmony, this seven rewinds back to the days of vocal groups, tops down in the convertible, impeccable summer suits, straw hats, and a cool drink surrounded by a lovely lady. It’s authentic as you can get, and if you don’t believe us, put the needle on the record again and you’ll see. Timmion have a knack for getting the best out of their artists, for working with a super passionate group of musicians who can deliver time and time again. With a great horn riffs, lo fi organ, guitar and great drums, the vocals are a natural pairing for nothing but a soul hit. The words beautiful come to mind, and the lyrics aren’t too shabby either. Pure soul. If you don’t grab this record, you’ll blink and it will be gone. Mark our words it will be on top of soul lists at year end. Another record that is all fire from the brothers in Finland who are keeping soul music alive one record at a time. Listen to it below and pre-order the 45 which comes out May 4th.

Pre-order the record from Timmion Records here.

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