Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids – An Angel Fell

If you are into traveling the cosmos through jazz music, then today’s feature will indeed be something you will love on your turntable. The most recent record from Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids is their most intense release since the early 1970’s, and creatively, top notch recordings. Since their meeting in 1972, and studying under of the great Cecil Taylor at Antioch College in Ohio, the band formed in Paris, going to to journey across Africa. They’ve recorded some notable records which include Lalibela (1973), King Of Kings (1974) and Birth / Speed / Merging (1976), and have been heralded for their live performances. The fusion of their space age jazz sound, dancing, and theater has made them stand out in a crowd, and after making it back to the States in San Francisco, the band would eventually break up in 1977. But great music never ever goes away, and after demand from record collectors and enthusiasts, the members would reunite in 2012.

“The songs explore global themes that are important to me and to us all: the rise of catastrophic climate change and our lack of concern for our planet, loss of innocence and separation… but positive themes too, the healing power of music, collective action and the simple beauty of nature.”

You may remember their more recent records, Otherworldly on the German label Disko B in 2016 and We Be All Africans that Strut Records would release to the world as well. On this recent output, An Angel Fell, Malcolm Catto of The Heliocentrics gets the nod to produce the record. It deals with varying topics from a fallen angel in purgatory to grief to uplifting, spiritual awakenings. Led by Saxophone player and vocalist Idris Ackamoor, the band returns to powerful movements from former days, and will be a highlight for spiritual jazz connoisseurs and jazz champions alike. If you have gotten into jazz in your lifetime, no doubt you may have dabbled in the spiritual kind. If you haven’t, here’s a good reason to. While some may argue it’s not for everyone, there is a soothing quality to records like this. Out in better record stores and online, this one shouldn’t be missed. Art work by Lewis Hertz is an added bonus. Listen to the record below:

Get the record here via Strut Records.

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