Flammer Dance Band – Lunsj På Grønland

Sliding into your Tuesday with some top shelf African sounds from the Flammer Dance Band. If you like your records funky, your percussion plentiful, and sounds from the Motherland, then this is the record for you. Taking you straight to West Africa in the 1970’s, Lunsj På Grønland is a perfect homage to grooves that made many bodies move over the decades. Featuring among other things, drums for days, synths, saxophones that will get right into your soul, plus a vibe that is right on time, this is one that will fly under the radar if you are not careful. Recorded in a shack in Oslo, Norway, this is authentic African music made for dance floors, late night parties, and sweating until the break of dawn. Plainly put: Don’t sleep. The musical work throughout the record is high level, and you’ll not find a better present day, accurate aural portrayal than this record before you. This will be on repeat on a lot of turntables. Put out on the Lyskestrekk label, they are releasing vinyl record in the psychedelic, breaks and funky disco territory. That tells us there is a lot more to come. Get your dancing shoes ready. This one is a superb knocker that no doubt will not be around long. Raw and true to the music’s roots, you can pre-order the record now, which ships on May 21st. Listen to the track below:

Pre-Order the record here.

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