The Silver Rider & Osmose – Motor City 45

File this one under records that really flew under the radar. This beast of a forty five from 2016 gets the reup on Smokecloud Records, introducing it to a whole new audience of forty five spinners to the label and its music. Smokecloud has been keeping Detroit sounds alive and kicking through their reworks and relicks since 2011, with A & R man Osmose working the angles sharp and precise to get these late night heaters just right. He joins forces with The Silver Rider from Austin to get both of these tracks back in your ears and into the ears of disco champions who have yet to discover these future classics. Both tracks are serious disco biz, so prepare for some squeals of delight when they get dropped. On “Trust”, Osmose reworks an Eddie Kendricks track , which shuffles right on until the end of the night. Top Billin’ smoking (pun intended) soul from the Motor City that eases right into your heart and feet. “I Wanna Be”, that flips Marvin gaye by The Silver Rider will make heads nod for sure. Lots of filtering going on, but with lo-fi house beats in the back, it’s still soulful enough for feet to not stand still. This one is definitely a staple for your record box, late night action and satisfaction for both DJ and audience. Limited new pressing with a camo green color vinyl, blink and this thing will be gone again. Check out both tracks in full below. Order from a variety of spots, international or domestic, there’s no excuse.

Get the record here.

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