Soul Dynamite 002 – Return Of The B-Boy

Soul Dynamite are at it again, and after the success of Soul Dynamite 001, they return with another forty five of hip hop goodness in “Return of The B-Boy”. For those of you that didn’t catch wreck with this anthem when it dropped on I Phantom, here’s the chance to get it on seven inch. An anthem, and a track way ahead of its time at that moment, has remained timeless and classic for over 15 years, evident by Soul Dynamite putting this out as their second release. What’s there to say about this track other than it is dope. Lif cuts through the beats hard, and with El-P on production, this track has burned itself in the timeline of hip hop history as one of the greatest. When it dropped, it was the next generation, now certified classic, this talented team is still cranking out great music close to two decades later. The track still resonates with heads today, and it’s good to see it on a 45, honestly. With Part 2 on the flip, the cycle is complete and you have both halves of the coin (or record) in your possession. Part one and part two are both very different tempos but have the impact of a meteor crashing into earth, that’s earth shattering for those who can’t read between the lines. Another must for you hip hop seven inch folks who can’t get enough of the spitting on the little records with big holes. Listen to both tracks below and pre-order after the stream.

Pre-order the record here, available July 31st.

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