Chris Hazelton Boogaloo Seven – The Basement Beat

Just in time for you to get in your car with your love, roll the windows down and just jet, the Chris Hazelton Boogaloo 7 is back with another scorching organ fueled forty five. “The Basement Beat” is their first single from their latest Lp of the same name. A certified groover, this record features Hazelton on Hammond B-3 organ, Nick Howell on trumpet, Nick Rowland on Tenor Sax, Brett Jackson on baritone sax, as well as Matt Hooper on guitar, Danny Rojas on drums, and Pat Conway on congas and percussion. Brilliantly put together (as well as mixed and produced) by Hazelton, he’s got the crew on point for sure on both sides of this slab of wax. His pedigree is pure, and studying with the best of the best in jazz music has helped him align himself with the best of the best in players, and this record is more proof of how great he is as a musician/ compose/ band leader. While the first side has the band moving like a well oiled jazz machine, it features a temendous baritone sax solo and more. The flip, which is part two, comes in like a tsunami of organ waves with the band following suit to take it home. You have your choice of standard black vinyl, or level up to the opaque white, which is limited edition and will only be pressed up in a batch of 100. Stream the record below and pre-order afetr the link. Jazz is alive and well and Chris Hazelton is leading the organ charge!

Pre-Order the record here, available June 22nd on Sunflower Soul Records.

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