Jason Joshua & The Beholders feat. The Colossians – I Don’t Care

If you were out to lunch and missed the last Jason Joshua & The Beholders 45 “Rose Gold”, it would behoove you to not miss their latest seven inch which features the doo-wop stylings of The Colossians. “I Don’t Care”, which really, in this music climate is a philosophy as much as it is about being in love, is another breath of fresh air from the Miami soul outfit. This slow roller is for all those who believe in the power of love and Joshua and company’s beautiful sounds really shine once again. This track chugs along with an organ that sets the tone, perfect percussion, and a sound that brings us back to the mid ’60’s with its charm and feeling. Beautiful harmonies make way for more organ that leave you in a positive mood no matter what your love life is about. So like this record, take your time. Not just in life, but with your music There is so much out there that will be uncovered, and this record by Jason Joseph & The Beholders is a gem. Real deal soul made in 2018, but transporting us back to the summer of our father’s youth where confidence and passion for love and records helped shape this wonderful genre. Listen to the side below:

Pre-order the record available June 25th from Mango Hill Records.

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