Shifting Gears II

Monday brings us another part in the Shifting Gears Series from Skeme Richards aka The Nostalgia King. Part Two is an over sixty minute all vinyl mix straight from the deep crates of the skilled DJ/ collector and digger of all things nostalgic and cool before they were cool. Like the first selection, this is all vinyl set was mixed live and straight to a 4-track cassette, which was then mixed down to a master copy to send off to get dubbed. Following in the footsteps of the elders before who did it that way, Richards preserves the warm, analog sound of the vinyl with this medium. The last edition sold out very quickly and was soon on auction sites for big money. Here’s a chance for you to get a unique mix tape from one of the great DJs of our time, early. Featuring some fairly rare and obscure tracks of years gone by and also hot sides now which are destined to be future classics, it’s a great balance for your cassette deck, walkman, or tape deck. Just remember one thing: play it loud! Always ahead of the curve and your favorite DJ’s DJ, Skeme Richards continues to carry on the torch while also breaking new ground in the DJ and collecting game on all fronts. Own a piece of history while you can. More info at the link below.

Pre-order the cassette from Record Breakin’ Music here.

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