The White Blinds – Get To Steppin’

In the hot bed of the Los Angeles music community, a trio of musicians has emerged. Drummer Michael Duffy (Jungle Fire, Ozomatli), guitar player Matt Hornbeck, and Hammond Organ player Carey Frank (Tedeshi Trucks) are The White Blinds. Three seasoned musicians who keep the fire burning as an organ trio in modern day L.A., the elders would be proud. Like Kamasi Washington, who brought back the spirits of jazz past into his music and resurrected it to new audiences, these three pay homage to the soul jazz sound of yesterday right here in 2018. With nods to classic soul jazz legends such as Jimmy McGriff, Charles Earland, and the great Dr. Lonnie Smith, among others, the three are burning up stages and tape in a good way with their music. With a full length record on the way of nine original songs and a cover of McGriff’s “Blue Juice”, Get To Steppin’ will be released on L.A.’s own F-Spot Records. Led by percussionist Duffy, the band’s sound blends the warm vibes of the ’60’s and ’70’s soul jazz with afro funk and New Orleans grooves, providing the listener with one funky good time. Formed in 2015, they’ve been playing live and recording, and a buzz has been building not just in the City of Angels, but via social media worldwide. Their debut single, “Get To Steppin’ ” is a funky introduction to what is to come with the long player. A blazing track that has all three members pushing their instruments to the limit, you’d be hard pressed to not get up and step to this side. Frank’s Hammond is on fire from start to finish, and both Duffy’s percussion, and the guitar slanging of Hornbeck keep pace with the best of them. It’s great to see the organ sound still getting shine these days, with bands like Delvon LaMarr Organ Trio or the Chris Hazelton Boogaloo 7 leading the way as well to keep soul jazz alive and kicking. We’d love to hear some of this music being played on jazz stations across the country, but we will most likely have to count on the DJs and podcasts to keep pushing this excellent music on and on. Check out the video for the single below, and go to the F-Spot link to get more info on the pre-order. The Hammond wins again and again.

Watch for the pre-order link the record from F-Spot Records here. The record drops July 6th.

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