Mel & Kim: Bad Man

If it’s soul you’re looking for, then the latest effort from Mel & Kim is where it’s at. Along the same lines as the illustrious Camellia Hartman, who is also in the Dala Records stable, this duo make it sweet like honey and not just for the money. Coming straight out of the BK aka Brooklyn, NY, and featuring a who’s who of BK notable musicians, we’re excited to get this single into your ears today. Providing the musical back drop for this aural tapestry are Freddy DeBoe (drums/ tenor sax), Vince Chiarito (bass), Alex Chakour (guitar), Ray Mason (trombone), Anant Pradhan (tenor sax), and Billy Aukstik (Hammond B3, percussion, piano). The band lays down a fine soul backdrop for vocalists Mel Johnston and Kim Foxen who give us a mixture of Honey and the Bees and Witches and the Warlock vibes throughout with some folk and R & B sprinkled in for good measure to round out the pot. There is no doubt about it, but this soul roller is a sweet treat. Perfect for those late night slow dances at the end of your soul night, or to be perfectly honest, a long drive in the country with the windows open wide and the stereo loud. These two music industry stalwarts, NYC’s own, have been making a name for themselves throughout the City for some time. Whether it be jazz, opera, classical, and more, a chance meeting working with Big Crown’s Tall Paul & The Trees led them here to this moment with composer/ trumpet player/ label founder Billy Aukstik got them together, and along with songwriter Steve Garvin put this record together. A perfect storm of musical styles put together by a record label and team that should be on your radar. If they aren’t, then they will.

Listen to the record below:

Buy the record here.

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