El Michels Affair – Unathi

If you’ve been following the career of El Michels Affair, then you know how deep the outfit is as musicians. Whether it is releasing scorching funk and soul on the original tip, putting out blazing covers of classics, or backing the Wu Tang Clan, EMA is a force to be reckoned with. Keeping in line with the sonic sound they are known for and simultaneously breaking new ground on the side as well, the El Michels Affair release a Bollywood funk forty five that takes you on a journey. If you weren’t expecting this, you’d be on par. Pulling in 79.5’s Piya Malik on vocals, “Unathi” could have been recorded in the hey day of Bollywood funk. It’s got all the right ingredients that start with Malik’s sultry voice and progress through psychedelic arrangements and a non stop rhythm. This is El Michels Affair flexing their musical chops in a big way. The flip is a soundtrack cut to a movie that doesn’t exist, yet. “Zahiarila” explores the gossip that goes along with love, and that vitriol spewed that can tear it down. Both sides of this record are fantastic, and while we love the heavy funk they’ve been laying down for decades, this progression just elevates the band as one of the greatest to do it. If you don’t progress as a band you just get stale, and there is nothing stale about this release. Have a listen to “Unathi” and feel what they are laying down. Out on June 15th, this double bagger of heat features artwork from Chicago’s Deadly Prey Gallery, which is a bonus to say the least.

Pre-order the record here, shipping out June 15th.
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