PREMIERE: Magic In Threes: Hold Me Down

It’s always a special treat when the ultra-talented Magic In Threes is back in the game with some music that is fresh. Back in 2015, The Return Of was out digitally and on a limited edition cassette from GED Soul, but never on wax. But don’t worry if you missed it the first time, because King Underground have gone the extra mile and finally got this out on vinyl. The first of three singles, “Hold Me Down” is a perfect bookmark for a b timeless sound. After the self titled record in 2011, it would be four years before they put out Return Of, and since then we’ve had some superb output from them on this very label as well as two on Razor N Tape. They’ve got a signature funky message and it follows them on whatever label they are on. “Hold Me Down” is a mix of heavy, gritty funk with punchy drums as well as synth work that blasts out of the universe. Easily transferable to the late night dance floor action, it’s dirty and holds up from start to finish. Library music tinges with a little modern touch to it and clocking in about the mid 90’s as far as BPMs go, the side is definitely a mover. The track, while a different groove than their later work (see ’17’s “At Jody’s”), still has that get up and go we’ve grown to love. It’s good to see KU grabbing a piece of their discography and making it available to the band’s old and new audiences throughout the world. While the cassette and digital may have flown under the radar for many people out there the first time, it’s now available in 140g white or black vinyl and your turntable is begging for it. More to come from this talented bunch.

Stream “Hold Me Down” below:

Pre-order The Return of out on King Underground Records on July 6th.

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