MNP – Eugene

There is something about a cinematic record that really hits you, especially if it’s not connected to a film, yet. The group MNP return with their third forty five, and just like the previous two, “Heavy Tint” and “Ratto Nero”, both out on the Delights label, this one does not disappoint. Falling down the rabbit hole of cinematic, psychedelic instrumental soul, with a new record label (Egret), the band just picks up where they left off and melts your face with their music. The first track, “Eugene” is a grinder of a track; healthy drums and heavy bass run the gamut of psychedelica while the guitars are on an acid trip of their own. Like we said, it’s going to be the soundtrack to something, even if it’s your Saturday night. But we have higher hopes for them too. The flip, “The Rod and Sceptre” is the harder of the two, as the band really digs into it with even tougher guitars until you want to pick the needle up again and go on another trip. We especially like the drums that go off later in the track. Both of these sides are great, and a good look further into a band that might have definitely gone under your musical radar. Their sound still reminds us of those motorcycle tracks from OSTs on 45 that Tower Records put outin the mid to late ’60’s. They are raw and gritty but with just enough petrol to keep the engine running to your destination. If you like your soul hard, edgy, and with some psych to it, this double sider will cure what ails you. Check out an animated video from the band and a bit of a sampler of the track below.

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