Guest Mix For Funky 16 Corners: Bionic Reggae

Blessed and honored once again to be asked to contribute to the Summer of Soul Mix Series from Funky 16 Corners. Larry was an inspiration to me and Flea Market Funk way, way back, so I’m happy to be able to give an exclusive mix. Once again I’ve dug in my crates to put music together that I never have before. Here’s what I sent over to the series:

“Another year, another pledge drive for the Mighty Funky 16 Corners. I have been feeling vibes people. Vibes from JA, and like the funk and soul I’ve searched for for years, I had been secretly stockpiling Jamaican 45s at the same time. This year has been a boon for JA records for me. I had some numb skull from a North Jersey record store tell me: “There are no reggae records in New Jersey.” (Prime Mundo was there to witness). So, just to prove him wrong, I’ve bought over 300 reggae forty fives this year alone (and it’s only June) in the Garden State. So there comic book guy aka record guy, you have no idea what you are talking about. Stop wasting my time, we are here for the records pal, not your “No you may not” attitude. Whether he likes it or not, we always get the records. Speaking of, this lot I used on the mix has a few pops, skips, and jumps, so don’t fret, the music is mixed all live, and all in one take. You don’t get a second chance live, so that’s how it goes. The cover is based on the Bionic Dub record from Dub Specialist out on Studio One manipulated by yours truly. I also tried to incorporate some Six Million Dollar Man samples to go with the mix, I know Oscar Goldman would have been proud. Enjoy, and if you like this mix, make sure you first, pledge to Larry and F16 Corners, then pass it on!. Thanks for listening. Cheers.”

DJ Prestige/

DJ Prestige Presents – Bionic Reggae

Justin Hines & The Pioneers – Carry Go Bring Come
Tommy McCook & The Super Sonics – Soul For Sale
Freddie McGregor – Boby Babylon
Horacy Andy – Love Of A Woman
B.B. Seaton – Accept My Apology
The Techniques – There Comes A Time
Dennis Alacapone – Mava
I Roy & Nora Dean – Let Me Tell You Boy
Errol Dunkiey – Darlin’ Ooh
Glenn Washington & Sound Dimension – Sweet Little Woman
Absynnians – Declaration of Rights
The Village Bunch – Son Of A Preacher Man
Big Youth – Hit The Road Jack
In Crowd Band – His Majesty Is Coming
Leo Graham – A Win Them
The Upsetters – Wonder Man
Lizard – Satta I
Silver Richards – Dearest
The Heptones – Young Gifted and Black

Go here to listen to and download the mix.

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