Sam Krats feat. El Da Sensei – Revive Rap

Always ones to move into uncharted territories and lead the packs of DJs and forty five heads to the promised land of seven inch release, Dusty Donuts come correct once again with another seven of extreme hip hop heat on this latest double sider. “Revive Rap”, featuring El Da Sensei from the Artifacts, the New Jersey band that has been providing hip hop junkies with underground bangers for years teams up with Uk producer Sam Krats for another funky future classic. Firing on all cylinders rapping over some chopped up stand up bass, El slays this beat and you might think it’s ’92 rather than ’18. Proper boom bap, which let’s be real here, gets all the throw back champions excited. On the flip, Uk sharpshooter Jim Sharp moves into Native Tongue mode gets all swizzy with the strings on the remix. Adding UK spitter Gee Bag on this remix to drop some bars, it’s like Harry Kane when he can’t stop scoring goals, deadly. Both sides are a proper vibe, and like the song says: “we need to bring it back and revive rap”. Of course it has never gone away, especially with releases like this. A true global collaboration, Dusty Donuts just keeps producing again and again. Have a listen for yourself. Top shelf hip hop is in the building.

The record releases July 6th on the Dusty Donuts Label.

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