The Traffic – California Love

Another Summer heater here, this time from dance floor favorites The Traffic. Having tackled tunes from Hendrix, Skrillex, Grandmaster Flash, and The Prodigy, they’ve gone to the West Siiiide and taken on another classic in Dr. Dre and Tupac’s “California Love”. From the Joe Cocker original to the Dre updated beat, this Australian outfit hits the nail right on the head once again with this track. We’ve always been fascinated with covers, whether it be reggae, disco, or punk rock, but this crop of instrumental funk covers over the past ten years or so has been a really great kick in the arse for music itself. From Breakdown Brass to The Traffic and beyond, it’s given a new life and audience for these classics. Whether it’s B-Boy battles, vibe spots, or getting down on the dance floor, these tunes elicit good feelings all around. This version leans heavy on the voice box, throws out some flute heat, and honestly gets the job done in every way possible. The flip, an original composition entitled “No Through Road”, also gets the job done. With proof that there are more than just covers, this funk explosion is all drum and bass, terrific horns and upbeat percussion all the way through. We’ve been putting both sides on repeat, but for all those uprockers and pop lockers, this second side will have you breaking out the cardboard in no time. Another great banger from the Choi Records camp, we are looking forward to more hits from this label. Stream both sides below and pre-order after the stream.

Pre-order the record here available July 21st.

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