Mukatsuku Presents Reggae Disco Special

When the sun is shining, the waves are crashing, you’ve got a tall, cool drink and your hands, the vibe has to be just right. Well, enter Mukatsuku Records just in time for all of that with their latest offering of a Reggae Disco Special. Never ones to shy away from the rare, hard to get, or even an odd cover or two, the label brings two scorchers to your turntables and your audience’s ears. Both tracks are covers and licensed from the catalog of Bushays music. “Shake Your Body” is a definite funky reggae take on the classic by the Jacksons. Perfect for those steamy summer dance parties. The flip, “Rock Your Baby” covered here by Anne & Anice Peters has been a sleeper track for those in the know for a minute. A slow burner but still scorching, it’s up there with some of the best reggae soul that has been made. Having both of these on the same 45 is a good thing. Stream both below and pick up the forty five from the link after. Reggae Got Soul people, and Mukatsuku is making sure you know it.

Shake Your Body:

Rock Your Baby:

Get the record here.

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