79.5 – Boy Don’t Be Afraid

The crop of decent music that Brooklyn produces is a high percentage. The percentage that come from the Big Crown camp is even higher. Their focused grip on a variety of genres and the records they release would make many indie labels jealous. They are not afraid to take chances, and one chance they took with the all girl group 79.5 has paid off tremendously. After their smash single “Terrorize My Heart”, that had lit up dance floors and dominated DJ lists from disc jocks who were way ahead of the curve, is now followed up by a revamped version of their tune “Boy Don’t Be Afraid”. Producer Leon Michels revisits this side back in the studio and slows it down, adds some percussion, and has it two stepping before you know it. The tune itself is infectious: beautiful harmonies, keys, and that flute part, well, is just plain dope. Let’s not go past those drums at the end either. If you missed this track the first time, then you’ll dig this version (just check out the other as well). Everyone can relate to these lyrics, it’s a love song through and through, and with these three sirens singing their soulful songs, you’ll be putting it on repeat wherever you are. It’s been on repeat here since last week. Thank you ladies and thank you Big Crown for your continued intentioned to put out the best music not just in Brooklyn, but around the globe. Listen to the single below:

Watch 79.5 on Across 135th Street:

Buy the digital release here.

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