Derrick Morgan / Dennis Alcapone – There Stands The Glass

While digging for reggae, we’re always searching for that sound. You know that sound, found so often on labels like Crab, Pama, Attack, and many more. The music has you skanking in your Brutus shirt and feeling good for the rest of the day. Chicago label Happy As A Lark not only brings you the sound, but brings together three reggae legends all on one disc. They have lined up Derrick Morgan (only reggae artist to ever fill numbers one to seven on the reggae charts), Charlie Organaire (Co-founder of Carib Beats and musical legend who has played on over a thousand foundation recordings), and the illustrious Dennis Alcapone (the dee jay who’s voice has been featured on productions from Lee “Scratch” Perry to Duke Reid to Coxsone Dodd to Prince Buster to Joe Gibbs and more.) ‘There Stands A Glass” is classic reggae sounds at its finest. Backed by The Tectonics, with Morgan taking vocals on track one, Alcapone on track two, and Orgainaire on harmonica duties, the trio plus Anthony Abbinati (drums, piano, melodica, percussion) and Mike “Spider” Hobson (guitar, bass), straight murder this track. Both sides are hot fire, and while we always love some Derrick Morgan, the dee jay side with Alcapone has us lifting the needle up again and again. This is top shelf reggae of the vintage kind. A sound that never goes away and always makes people feel good. So with a flick of their wrist they make you jump and twist, Happy As A lark provides us with another winner once again. Only 300 copies pressed up in collaboration with Jump Up! Records. Get yours before they are out of here. Stream the tracks below:

Get the record here.

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