Kev Brown – Homework

After a thirteen year gap since his debut record dropped, the legend known as Kev Brown is back with his sophomore effort Homework. His 2005 debut I Do What I Do certified him as an elite producer in the hip hop world, working along side artists like Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, Jazzy Jeff, Busta Rhymes, and more. His time in between these two records has not seen him fade into obscurity either. In the time since he dropped his first LP, he’s been involved in multiple collaborative projects, released a grip of beat tapes, and has gathered a lot (and we mean a lot) of production credits. This new record was done at his own pace and put out when he was ready, and the hip hop world is excited. A man of many hats, and one who wears everyone well, he’s comfortable producing, behind the mic, and even singing some back up harmonies. So it’s just fitting that his personal sound is an inspiration to fans and peers from all over the world. Featuring 27 tracks that see Kev highlighting his trademark sound and delivering a personal message that can range from comedic to introspective to observatory and more it was composed on several different samplers (Do What I Do used an MPC 2000XL) and other technologies. Kev Brown has returned and does not disappoint. For those that were down in 2005, followed his career path since then, and were waiting for something new, here it is. For those who are new to KB, listen to this, do your homework, and revisit his body of work since the beginning. A true legend of the game, it would only have to be Redefinition Records who linked up with this artist to fill the gap in the music game that’s been missing for some time. Available in deluxe color vinyl plus a bonus 45. You heard it here. Now hit the books and start learning.

Check out the video for “Blueprint From The Masters/ Negative Chop”

Pre-Order the vinyl from Redefinition Records here for an August 3rd release.

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